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Four hundred and twenty days before, when they were all about to leave for Iraq, a friend of Kauzlarich’s had predicted what was going to happen. “You’re going to see a good man disintegrate before your eyes,” he said. 

From The Good Soldiers by David Finkel

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It’s like he knows when we’re not paying enough attention to him.  It must be the whole Books and Looks founding member ESP.  Here’s Alexander Skarsgard reading Underbara dagar framför oss (Wonderful Days Ahead of Us) by Henrik Berggren.
Looking forward to my next Chapters run

"Well, here are the differences.

           - George Bush Jr., January 10, 2007.

What to say about this book? It’s equal parts infuriating, confusing, humorous, and heart-wrenching. Mostly heart-wrenching. The book picks up at the beginning of the 2007 surge in Iraq, an effort to win, a counterinsurgency effort to, “…help Iraqis clear and secure neighborhoods, to help them protect the local population, and to help ensure that the Iraqi forces left behind are capable of providing the security that Baghdad needs.”

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